VK procedure (Tokyo version)

2018-2020. Participatory situation.

“VK procedure (Tokyo Version)” consists in a system that uses techniques of face recognition, psychology and applied mathematics to measure the tension between honne (feeling) and tatemae (expression), in a group of Japanese salary man people.

The losing points of the cosmist city

2019. Fictional city infrastructure.

Inspired by the cosmist ideas about citizenship after mastering the cosmic space (Svyatogor, 1922), the work analyses the contradictions in the final state of social egalitarianism.


2019. Context-free Language.

LiA (Language for Interface Analysis) is an implementation of the zen master Sengai Gibon’s representation of the Universe as a context-free Language, for predicting the future of humanity.

Our body as a Jellyfish

2019. Transhumanism Concept.

Inspired by the lifecycle of the Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish, the project proposes an evolutionary path to immortality as a result of the integration with a bionic exoskeleton.


2018-ongoing. UX concept.

Using as reference the Japanese academic system of evaluation, the project consists in a concept of a generic interface. It would allow emotion-based interaction with dynamic spaces and responsive environments.

The unveiled city

2018-2019. Interactive installation

"The unveiled city" consists in an interactive videoinstallation and data visualization system. With the interaction it is unveiled the most recurrent motives in thousands of images from Instagram, associated with Tokyo by hashtags. A text in a way of caption shows the description of the images, which is used as a criterion by which it is selected the images to unveils.

Prolongation to the infinite

2017-ongoing (Project). Custom Construction system.

"Prolongation to the infinite" consists in large-scale parametric wood sculptures where I interpret the Cuban norms of construction related with the calculation of temporal wood structures (NC 0053-179, 1988), inspiring by the Japanese tradition of wooden framework systems.

Generic Portraits

2018. Photography, video

Personalized portraits obtained with the average of the characteristics face expressions of people from all over the world I met during my stay as a Research Student in Japan.


2017-2018. Bipersonal show in collaboration with Nestor siré

The Project consisted in five exercises of collaboration (essays) that used the photography as a conceptual motive according to the rules: Photographic process, Seriality, No Post-production, Value as Information and Present.

Revistas de cabecera

2017-2019. Installation, Andriod app, Video, Instagram storytelling

Traditional mechanisms of social investigation are impossible to use in order to understand the functionality of alternative social media in an offline context. The project proposes what we decide to call an “Offline Social Media” study based in the network of distribution for Cuban independent magazines.

!Descargas de todo un poco

2013-2018. Video, Photography, Data files

"¡Descargas de todo un poco" is the result of more than five years trying to work with technology, in a context with a very little access to Internet.


2017. Installation, videoanimation, plotter and laser print over acrilic

The project is the first step in a series, where I use optimization algorithms and computer modeling to continue Sandu Darie’s investigation about the spatial distribution of structures and variable modular systems.

Spectate mode

2017. Zero-player game

AgarTG Teams (Mod of automatic match where the Cuban artists of my generation try to devour each other.


2017. Videoinstalation

Video installation compound by several screens playing at the same time a capture with signal interference, of a fragment of the Cuban National Television News in the stellar emission of January 27, 2017.

Havana on you

2016. Interactive installation

Interactive video setup where is generated an image of the viewer using a dataset of thousands of pictures of Havana taken from Instagram.

Declaration of principles

2016. Installation

The project is compound by a predictive analysis about how would behave my economy in a year if I dedicate myself to paint and all the materials that I need to do it.

AgarioTG Teams

2015-2017. Participatory situation

The artwork consists in an interactive installation where we present AgarTG Teams ( MOD) in controlled spaces of socialization, to reproduce in lower scale the informal networks of videogames that join in a clandestine way thousands of people in Cuba.


2013-2017. Participatory situation, videoinstallation

The Project consists in a computational procedure that allows measuring the tension between the social ideal behavior, and the expression of the citizen will.

{Title} performed as {instrument}

2016. Software

The images of pictures in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (Cuban Art) database are interpreted as a bar of color lines organized according to different criteria of chromatic variation (red, blue or green recurrence, tint, brightness and saturation). Afterwards the software process each tone and project them into the space as musical notes, after the library SoundCipher version: Beta release 10 for Processing


2016. Installation

The Project pretends showing the pictures as they are understood by the digital technology: as generic data. That way it is deleted the entropy, what is to say every cultural value associated to the image.


2013-2016. Virus, videodocumentation

The work is an interpretation of the Borgian idea about a nesting of infinite universes.


2015. Software

DEATH-SUDOKU is a version of the “Sudoku” game, where the user accesses through the game functionality to data collected in a decease registry of a certain Hospital in Havana, in the year 2012.


2015. Android App

Sokoban style game where the users manipulate a character made of numbers that correspond with the percent earned by the Cuban shops, according to the amount of CIMEX, group that include around 80 stately enterprises.

Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)

2015. Installation

A sound registry of the places of Havana which I have considerably related with is shown in the space in a way of light and color. In a tiny LCD display it is included an inscription with the date, place and time where the capture was made.


2012. Software

Version of the Mineswiper game where, with the interaction, it is unveiled the manifesto where Cuba proclaims its negative to sign the prohibition for the use of personal mines (Ottawa, Canada, 1997).