Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)

2015. Installation, acrylic and wood structure, Raspberry Pi ship, LED lights, LCD display, headphones, Python programming.

Description and concept

A sound registry of the places of Havana which I have considerably related with is shown in the space in a way of light and color. In a tiny LCD display it is included an inscription with the date, place and time where the capture was made. Using my
direct experience, with this project I pretend recovering the empathic relationship that we establish with the city, lost in the accelerated daily automation of the city life.

Technical specifications

  • Title: Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)
  • Year: 2015
  • Technique: Acrilic and wood structure, Raspberry Pi ship, LED lights, LCD screen, headphones, Python programming.
  • Edition: 3 copies + 1PA
  • Dimentions: 70cm - 35cm - 35cm (H-A-P)
  • Shows:
    • 22 may, 2015. Sinestesia (sonidos de La Habana) [Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)]. Provintial Center of Fine Arts and Design Luz y Oficios. Collateral show of The Docen Havana Biennal, Havana, Cuba.


  • Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera Quindemil
  • Programming and hardware: Raúl Joaquín Rodríguez Gómez
  • Acknowledgments: Carolina Hernández Abdo, Nilsa Gómez López, Lianet Cruz Pareta.