AgarioTG Teams

2015-2017. Interactive installation, TGgar (Agar MOD); local web page.

Description and concept

In the Cuban context the incapacity of the State for the economic management, joined to the lack of political will, make the access to Internet extremely limited. But the necessity of virtual socialization has generated informal networks of communication, that canalize what cannot be done with the formal ways. One of those informal networks of communication in Cuba are the videogames ones.
With the goal of analyzing the structure of that networks from its internal dynamic of functionality, is that we created the tool AgarTG Teams ( MOD). The Server of AgarTG Teams, named TGgar included some improvement in the playability and a new vision more oriented to the socialization, cooperation and communication between players. From the results of the interaction it has been possible to make the first registry of the functionality of the networks where the game has been included.
The artwork consists in a pilot essay (interactive installation) where we present AgarTG Teams in controlled spaces of socialization (Art Galleries), to reproduce in lower scale those informal networks of videogames that join in a clandestine way thousands of people in Cuba.

Technical specifications

  • Title: AgarioTG Teams
  • Year of creation: 2016-2017
  • Technique: TGgar (Agar MOD), Sociological Investigation; local web page.
  • Presentations:
    • November 29, 2018. As part of the collective show Playing seriuosly. El Oficio Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
    • June 21, 2017. As part of the solo show Inventario. Ludwing Fundation, Havana, Cuba.
    • June 24, 2016. Semana de Arte contemporáneo, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.


  • Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera Quindemil
  • Programming and hardware: Gustavo Viera López, Antonio Serrano Muñoz
  • Sociological investigation: Adrián Noa Cománs
  • Production: Real Embassy of Norway in Cuba

Analysis of variables

Study case: San José, Mayabeque, Cuba, 15-25.MAY.2015.

Chat record:


TGar Server

Gallery presentation

Just in time to play (Collective show). El Oficio Gallery, Havana, Cuba, 2018.

Inventary (Solo Show). Ludwing Fundation, Havana, Cuba, 2017.

Semana de Arte contemporáneo. Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, 2015.