!Descargas de todo un poco

2013-2018. Video, Photography, Data files

Description and concept

There has not been enough contemporary social science devoted to studying strategies for access used by citizens in contexts with low internet connectivity. Some authors, like Néstor García Canclini, have referred to the socio-political problems resulting from different levels of connectivity in big social groups. But connectivity at the individual level hasn’t been the focus of scholarly attention, nor by extension has connectivity of small social groups formed by common interests (such as gaming). The complexity of this type of study lies in the challenge of comparing an infinite number of personal experiences, and in gathering an enormous amount of personal data.

Although it would be very interesting to start the process of creating a large generic collective history of the problems that emerge for citizens as a result of limited connectivity, that tremendous task can also be approached another way: by investigating the emotional and personal experience of a generic subject that suffers every day from lack of access to Internet.

In early 2013, for the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to surf the Internet with some ease. The connection was very slow and the contents were filtered constantly in order to prevent access to pornography or to unacceptable political content. I was in the third year of University.
The connection time was limited to one hour a day and we were prevented from downloading more than 100mb each month. The speed was 0,06kb per second, shared amongst everyone who was connected in a “computer room” designated for that purpose. Time was precious and searching had to be very specific and effective. We couldn’t even dream about Facebook or any other social network. This reality made me very selective and forced me to optimize my system for searching the internet. I also had to decide carefully what I would dedicate my connection time to and how I would use the available megabytes for downloading. Today with some more access to the Internet, I still use the skills I learned when I was a university student.

The Project ¡Descargas de todo un poco is the result of four years of work. It contains the most productive information I have been able to access and download from the internet, classified by day, month and year. At the same time, it is a record of the evolution of my thinking and intellectual development seen through the information I have referenced.

Technical specifications

  • Title: !Descargas de todo un poco
  • Year: 2013-2018
  • Technique: Data files.
  • Shows:
    • JAN, 2018. Sección ARTE, The Download (Comisionado por Rhizome.org).
    • FEB 1, 2018. Art for the offline Internet: el paquete semanal on the Download


  • Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera
  • Camera: Lianet Cruz