2017-2018. Bipersonal show in collaboration with Nestor siré

The Project consisted in five exercises of collaboration (essays) that used the photography as a conceptual motive according to the rules: Photographic process, Seriality, No Post-production, Value as Information and Present.

Revistas de cabecera

2017-2018. Installation, Andriod app, Video, Instagram storytelling

Offline Social Media study, based in the functionality of the network of distribution for independent Cuban magazines.


2017. Installation, videoanimation, laser print over acrilic

The project is the first step in a series, where I use optimization algorithms and computer modeling to continue Sandu Darie’s investigation about the spatial distribution of structures and variable modular systems.

Spectate mode

2017. Videoinstalation

AgarTG Teams (Mod of automatic match where the Cuban artists of my generation try to devour each other.


2017. Videoinstalation

Video installation compound by several screens playing at the same time a capture with signal interference, of a fragment of the Cuban National Television News in the stellar emission of January 27, 2017.

Havana on you

2016. Interactive installation

Interactive video setup where is generated an image of the viewer using a dataset of thousands of pictures of Havana taken from Instagram.


2013-2016. Videoinstallation, performance

The Project consists in a computational procedure that allows to measure the tension between the social ideal behavior, and the expression of the citizen will.

Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)

2015. Installation

A sound registry of the places of Havana which I have considerably related with is shown in the space in a way of light and color. In a tiny LCD display it is included an inscription with the date, place and time where the capture was made.

Mi family calls from 15512 SW 39 St. Miami Fl33185 (U.S.A)

2015. Installation, performance

The Project consisted in manage an automatic dialing service (robocall) through e-mail, for my family to call in regular intervals to my mobile, which was located in a gallery in Cuba. In the final show it was included screenshots of a selection of e-mails we send each other where we talk about the work.


2012. Software

Version of the Minesweeper game (from the Windows XP version). When the user actives an square there are letters instead of the numbers that would be in relationship with the quantity of mines around them; those letters make pieces of the Manifesto which Cuba presented in a convention about human rights that took place in Ottawa, Canada. In that Manifesto Cuba proclaims its negative to sign the banning of antipersonnel mines usage.