Prolongation to the infinite

2017-ongoing (Project). Inkjet Print, Using catalog. Custom Construction system.

"Prolongation to the infinite" consists in large-scale parametric wood sculptures where I interpret the Cuban norms of construction related with the calculation of temporal wood structures (NC 0053-179, 1988), inspiring by the Japanese tradition of wooden framework systems.

The unveiled city

2018-2019. Interactive installation

"The unveiled city" consists in an interactive videoinstallation and data visualization system. With the interaction it is unveiled the most recurrent motives in thousands of images from Instagram, associated with Tokyo by hashtags. A text in a way of caption shows the description of the images, which is used as a criterion by which it is selected the images to unveils.

Revistas de cabecera

2017-Ongoing. Installation, Andriod app, Video, Instagram storytelling

Traditional mechanisms of social investigation are impossible to use in order to understand the functionality of alternative social media in an offline context. The project proposes what we decide to call an “Offline Social Media” study based in the network of distribution for Cuban independent magazines.


2017. Installation, videoanimation, plotter and laser print over acrilic

The project is the first step in a series, where I use optimization algorithms and computer modeling to continue Sandu Darie’s investigation about the spatial distribution of structures and variable modular systems.


2017. Videoinstalation

Video installation compound by several screens playing at the same time a capture with signal interference, of a fragment of the Cuban National Television News in the stellar emission of January 27, 2017.

Havana on you

2016. Interactive installation

Interactive video setup where is generated an image of the viewer using a dataset of thousands of pictures of Havana taken from Instagram.

AgarioTG Teams

2015-2017. Interactive installation, TGgar (Agar MOD)

The artwork consists in an interactive installation where we present AgarTG Teams ( MOD) in controlled spaces of socialization, to reproduce in lower scale the informal networks of videogames that join in a clandestine way thousands of people in Cuba.


2013-2017. Videoinstallation, performance

The Project consists in a computational procedure that allows measuring the tension between the social ideal behavior, and the expression of the citizen will.

Synesthesia (sounds of Havana)

2015. Installation

A sound registry of the places of Havana which I have considerably related with is shown in the space in a way of light and color. In a tiny LCD display it is included an inscription with the date, place and time where the capture was made.


2012. Software

Version of the Mineswiper game where, with the interaction, it is unveiled the manifesto where Cuba proclaims its negative to sign the prohibition for the use of personal mines (Ottawa, Canada, 1997).