Revelations of the machine

2020. Animation (5 clips).

Description and concept:

Five philosophical propositions regarding the limits of interrelation between humans and machines:

001 The impossible world
Trying to think outside our available information boundaries usually leads to frustration.

002 The last constraint
After extending our capacity for interaction, technology will continue its own development without human assistance.

003 Physics immateriality
Ever more advanced technological protheses may eventually replace the the human body itself.

004 HYnalogic era
The era of convenience brought about by technology will end the human capacity for physical mobility.

005 The nano revolution
A universal replicator will destroy human creativity.

Technical specifications

Year: 2020
Technique: Animation (5 clips)
Duration: 00:04:03

  • September 25, 2020. Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.


Direction and Animation: Yonlay Cabrera
Direction assistance: Lianet Cruz
Production: Tama Art University Graduate School, Information Design Department

001 The impossible world - Stills

002 The last constraint - Stills

003 Physics immateriality - Stills

004 HYnalogic era - Stills

005 The nano revolution - Stills