2021. Speculative interface.

The simplest home automation controlling ever conceived.


2020. Live-controlling device.

The world’s first Intelligent Virtual Boss.


2020-ongoing. Spatial station concept, Computer simulation.

A shape-adaptive spatial station concept that maximizes the state of social equilibrium, as an extension of von Neumann´s kinematic model.


2019-ongoing. Thought experiment.

TAM (Traveling Agent Module) is a thought experiment that attempts to foresee the possible configurations of a shape-morphing urban infrastructure, after the Metabolist ideas of organically growing cities.

VK procedure (Tokyo version)

2018-2020. Experimental setup.

“VK Procedure (Tokyo version)”, consists of an experimental setup that uses facial recognition techniques, psychology, and applied mathematics in order to measure the tension between honne (private thoughts) and tatemae (public attitude) in a group of Japanese salarymen.

The losing points of the cosmist city

2019. Motion graphics animation, video.

Inspired by cosmist ideas about the concept of citizenship after the conquest of cosmic space (Svyatogor, 1922), the project analyzes the contradictions in the final state of social egalitarianism.


2019. Context-free Language.

LiA (Language for Interface Analysis) is an implementation of the representation of the Universe according to Zen master Sengai Gibon, as a context-free language that raises the possibility of predicting the future of humanity.

Our body as a Jellyfish

2019. Transhumanism Concept.

Inspired by the lifecycle of the Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish, the work presents a disturbing evolutionary path to immortality, as a result of biological integration with bionic exoskeletons.


2018-ongoing. UX concept.

The project uses as a reference the notation of the Japanese academic evaluation system to conceptualize a generic interface with the ability to activate any type of device. This interface will enable interaction through emotions with future responsive habitats capable of changing their own shape.

The unveiled city

2018-2019. Interactive data visualization.

The project consists of an interactive data visualization that enables the detection of patterns in the cultural representation of Tokyo on Instagram, based on its hashtag labeling in 47 different languages.

Prolongation to infinity

2017-ongoing (Project). Construction system.

"Prolongation to Infinity" consists of large-scale parametric sculptures, in which Cuban construction norms vis-à-vis the calculation of temporary structures in wood are interpreted, inspired by the Japanese carpentry tradition based on wooden framework systems.

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